Twiddling my thumbs!

Twiddling my thumbs!
Just twiddling my thumbs!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

New toys

I take a lot of pictures of stuff I make, sometimes for posterity and sometimes for the hell of it.  
Anyway, when my friend Rob was working on my company website,
he brought this nifty portable photo booth that had lights and several different color backdrops so he could take better part shots than I already had.  I thought it was way cool and decided to get one. Happily, they aren't very expensive.
So the other day I set it up and began experimenting.
I'm already disappointed in the lights, but I figure I can add more as needed.
This piece is a keyboard key removing tool I cobbled up when I converted my first keyboard to Dvorak.  Actually, this is the second one; the first disappeared. 
It works surprisingly well, for as simple as it is.
I think the picture turned out nice.

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