Twiddling my thumbs!

Twiddling my thumbs!
Just twiddling my thumbs!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Worn out things

So I have this issue with things that wear out unevenly. Things that are otherwise in good shape but are rendered unusable because a crucial feature is worn. Take this snow shovel; light weight, sturdy, and the working edge gone.
Sort through the stock room and find some pieces of stainless steel. The new working edge is .060" and the back plate is .090.

You can see some of the old edge here. The cutouts were made on the bandsaw and are what's left of the original stiffening ribs.
It works pretty well but wants to bite deeper than it did. Gets under ice really well!

Next up was this ice scraper my son gave me. I like it because it will extend out so I can clean the truck windshield without over reaching. I've seen brass ice scrapers and had heard that they work well and won't scratch the glass, so...

Put an edge on it to come close to the original angle.  The plastic was thick enough that I didn't feel the need to have a back up plate.

It goes through ice on the windshield so easily that I almost feel guilty when I hear my neighbors scraping, and scraping. Almost.

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